Balloon Ride Passenger Pre-Flight Instructions

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Here are some things to remember.

  • Flights are weather permitting!
  • Our time frame is not negotiable.  Sunrise will not wait for you.  Meeting time is 6am or earlier.
  • You must check in the night before your flight to check weather and meeting time.
  • You will not be cold in a HOT air balloon.  Dress as if you were going for a walk or picnic.  You will be outdoors for several hours.
  • We start each morning at The Maingate Lakeside Resort located 5 traffic lights west of the entrance to Disney World on Hwy. 192.  See the "Meeting Spot" page.

Maingate Lakeside Resort

From I-4 or Kissimmee area

To Find the Maingate Lakeside take highway 192 west. (From I-4) Hwy 192 is Exit number 64.  Go WEST on hwy 192, pass the entrance to Disney World and continue west on Hwy 192,  5 traffic lights.  The hotel will be on your right at the 5th light, right behind Walgreen's

From Hwy 27 area.

If you are staying in a villa on Hwy 27 take hwy 192 east  Keep your eye out for the highway 429 overpass.  Once you pass under the 429 count 4 traffic lights and turn left.

The Maingate Lakeside Resort is located behind Walgreen's


This is an out door sport!  Balloons need large areas to launch and to land.  This means open fields like Farms, Cattle Pastures and hay fields and large open and often UN-KEPT land.  This means tall grass, Cows, Bugs, Ants and many other items associated with large open areas. O did we say OUT DOORS..

We do not choose what fields happen to be lined up with the wind direction on any given day.  SO... Assume your shoes will be soaked and have mud all over them and your pants will be wet all the way up to your knees.

THEN when we land somewhere nice you will be thrilled and when you wear sandals or flip flops you will understand why we are all laughing.  O did we say OUT DOORS..

**On a serious note.  Fire Ants are everywhere in Florida. Watch where you walk and where you stand.  If you stand near a colony or on a mound they will swarm and begin to bite you.  They are painful and if you are bitten enough you may need medical attention or an antihistamine to combat the swelling.

 O an by the way. There are no snakes.. We put a sign up that says "No Snakes Allowed"

The Really Really important Stuff!

  • You must call 407-421-9322 between 5 and 7 pm the night before your flight.
  • You must be on time for the 6am pre-flight meeting.
  • If for any reason you are running late or lost, CALL 407-421-9322 immediately!
  • Bring your cameras!
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Print a copy of the instructions.
  • Be prepared to smile a lot!
  • There is no sensation of motion in a balloon.  No need to take any sort of motion sickness medication.
  • Flights are weather permitting.  The Pilots decision is FINAL.  Your safety is our badge of honor and we will not tarnish it.
  • If you are being picked up at your hotel we will confirm your pickup time at check in
  • We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you must...  You can call and cancel by phone only.  We will remove you from the calendar!  If you do not see your name removed call us back.
  • You may want to have a small snack before your flight.  This is a lot of activity for an early morning and we do not eat until after the flight.
  • Our Flight Time is determined by sunrise.  WE CAN NOT WAIT for you.  We must stick to the timetable that mother nature sets.  Do not be late, we will leave without you!  We can not stop sunrise and neither can you.  Be EARLY!

You will understand after your flight!!


This is a weather dependent activity.  PLEASE CHECK IN THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT.

If you fail to check in the night before your flight do not be surprised if you end up at the Maingate Lakeside Resort alone!  If the weather is not good we will not be at the hotel.

Keep an eye on the TA Flight calendar.  If we see bad weather coming we will post a banner on the calendar.  Click on the banner and you will see an explination of what we are seeing on the weather charts.  A great way to find out in advance if a flight date is going to be good.  BUT REMEMBER...  You still need to check in with us between 5 and 7 pm the night before your flight.