Balloon Flights in the Disney World area of Orlando Florida.  Rides Flown Daily at sunrise in Central Florida. Over35 Years Experience!

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During our week long vacation in Orlando, Florida, we scheduled an airboat ride, hot air balloon and swimming with Manatee's. Without a doubt, Captain Jeff and his happy crew were the best hosts in town. Although safety is of the utmost concern, they have not forgotten what it means to have a good time...even at 6:00 am! And after the ride, they don't just drop you off and disappear. They were there throughout the following breakfast and made sure everyone was treated well by the restaurant staff. Without a doubt, this was by far the best value for the money during our vacation. Yes, the flight was incredible, but it was Captain Jeff and his crew that really, really made it all worth while. You want to feel special instead of just another tourist shelling out money? Go with Captain Jeff and crew. You will not be disappointed!
Ling & Paul Flight 4/10/08

Without a doubt the best trip I have

ever been on".

A Horn Sarasota Florida

"100 times better than I ever thought

it could be".

C Michaels  Saint Paul Minnesota

Words can not describe!  I felt safe. I learned a bunch and I had a great time!  True Professional!

T. K. Schulz  Des Moines IA.

Balloon Ride Pricing.


We do not recommend a balloon flight for children under 5 years old.  The burner on the balloon will frighten very small children.   If you have children under the age of 5 they may come for the flight but please, please talk to them about the burners on the balloon so they are not frightened by the noise and fire.  (See About small Children on the FAQ page)




(Family Rates)

Adult Fare $185.00 per Person (Adult)

Jr. Adult Fare (10 to 15 Years) $105.00

Children 5 to 9 years old  Free with paid adult.


Please be aware when bringing children under the age of 5 years old.  The burner on the balloon will frighten very small children. Please see information on the FAQ page.


Only one child free per adult.   Additional children will be charged at the Jr. Adult price. 


For Example 2 Adults with 1 Jr. Adult and 3 Children would be (2@ $185) (2@ $105) and (2 free)

Florida sales tax is 6.5% 


Group Discounts,

  • Four Adults booked together reduces the price to $180 each. 

  • Five Adults, booked together can fly for $175 each.

  • Six  Adults or more, booked together can fly for $170 each.

Junior adults and children's prices are with a full paying adults.  To receive the family rates you must pay full adult rates.  You may not combine Family Rates and Group Discounts. You may choose the pricing that fits your group best.  Before asking for any other discounts please read about Discounts on our FAQ page.


NOTE:  These are not private flights!  You may have other people with you in the balloon depending on the number of people in your party.   Private flights are available.


To book your flight you will need a credit card to reserve your spots.  No charges will be made until after the flight.  During breakfast we will ask you how you would like to pay for your flight.  Here is a link to our cancellation policy page.



Hotel Pick UP!  $15 per person / Children no charge.  You may choose to have a pick up on the booking form.

No Maximum on passengers however groups of more than 6 may have to travel in separate balloons.  *Florida sales tax is 6.5%.


407-421-9322 or Contact us


We will be honest up front.  Thompson Aire is the most expensive operator in the Orlando area. 

There are many reasons for this.  We operate some of the most up to date equipment in the sky.  We abide by all the FAA regulations and consider your safety and comfort our highest priority.  We have been operating these wonderful flying machines for over 35 (Thirty Five ) years! No not the same one. : -)  We have, and will keep a 100% safety record. 

We don't believe you would purchase a cheap parachute (if your life depended on it) so why would you purchase a cheap balloon flight? 

Experience really does make a difference!  We don't want you to be fooled by silly claims of over 100 years of experience. 

Combined experience of 50 guys for 6 months does not really equal 25 years of experience. 

Does the experience of the whole company really matter to you when you're up in the air?   What matters is the experience of the Pilot in YOUR basket, all those guys on the ground or in other balloons wont make much difference to you.   Capt Thompson has actually been a licensed pilot for over 35 YEARS!  In fact most of Our Pilots have been flying balloons for an average of 30 YEARS!  That's 30 years of experience in the basket with YOU!.


Many have flown with us and admit the small difference in price is off set ten fold by the experience of flying with the best. Read just one letter here from our recent guest or go to the Testimonials Page or our Guest Book for words from our past passengers.

Book your flight online and see your booking on our online calendar! 

After your flight you can go back to the calendar and see your photograph linked to your booking.


We know that occasionally there is someone who just does not want to FLY!  We have what is called the Chase Package.  You do everything the fliers do except the flight. 

Click on Chase Package  for more information.

We do suggest everyone read About the Aircraft

You can tell Capt Thompson used to be a flight instructor!


Confused with all the info?   A great place to start is FAQ or the SITE MAP page

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Jeff Thompson has been awarded a Directors Award from the Balloon Federation of America for his work with the BFA Hall of Fame committee.  Inside the website Jeff created a storage and work area for all the files used in choosing Hall-of-Famers.  Please help support the site become a member.

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