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Jule Thompson & Kevin Sankey Wedding

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Indianola National Balloon Classic!


Indianola is located about 15 miles south of Des Moines.  If you are coming from the north or the south the best road to take is Hwy 65-69.  Once in Indianola take Hwy 92 east to the balloon field.  The balloon field is very well marked.  Pass the Spectator parking and the next entrance will be the Pilot/Crew Sponsor parking area.  That is where you will enter.  You will need to show your postcard to get in.  If you need more detailed information or can not find Indianola please call Jule.  641-203-1756

Of course this event has been going on for over 40 years and is so well marked a blind man from Georgia could find it.


You can click on this map for a larger view.


This is a weather dependant event. 


Since both Jule and Kevin are part of the balloon teams the WHEN part is tricky.  If the weather is a NO GO then the wedding will happen sooner than later.  If the weather is good for balloon flight then both Jule and Kevin will be doing their jobs on a balloon team and the wedding will be at the field after the flight.

Everyone is asked to gather in the pilot/officials parking area.  We would like to have you there by 7:30.  We will meet over under the white tent near the pilot briefing building.  (the Big Green Pole barn)




If you have received a post card with the link to this webpage you are invited! 


Please join us on our special day so we may share our joy with you and have a little fun!


Its a wedding! 


A Balloon Wedding.  Kevin and Jule will take their vows in a balloon basket.  Weather depending will determine if the balloon will be inflated or just set on the ground.  We will do the wedding out on the balloon launch and landing field.  Once the balloons have either all stopped flying or have been put away.


Summer in Iowa is hot. 


We will be out in a large field.  Dress casual,  We do not mind shorts and cool attire.  We want you to be comfortable and have fun.  Since the balloon field is just a field you may want to bring something to sit on.  Lawn Chairs are fine.


7:30 we will start.


We will expect people to start to show up around 7pm.  The balloon flight may be delayed due to weather conditions, but all the balloons must be on the ground by sunset.  We will gather and relax until flight operations are done.  Then we will go out onto the balloon field.

Sunset will be 8:25pm.

Darkness will be around 9:10pm 

We will most likely have a campfire to gather around after dark.

Odds and Ends

Things you may consider.


It does get cold after the sun goes down.  You may want a jacket. 

Bug Spray would also be a great idea and a flashlight might be good. 

You are welcome to bring a cooler with something to drink.

A camera would be a good idea.  If the weather puts a hold on the balloon flights you may have a hundred balloons floating over you while we wait for the field to be clear!  There will be great photos to be taken.


DO NOT GO OUT ONTO THE BALLOON FIELD!    This is a Federal Aviation Administration registered event and air field.  We will escort you out when the time is right.  Please stay in the parking area or at the white tent!

This is the balloon we will use for the wedding.


Just now up  Wedding Video!!  Click here   Kev and Jule Wedding



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