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Thompson Aire Cancellation Policy.

It is our intent to provide an experience of highest quality at the best possible rates for all our passengers.  When booking a flight with us over the phone or on the internet you are reserving seats in an aircraft with a very limited passenger capacity.  We try to keep the costs down for all of our passengers by flying the right equipment for the number of passengers scheduled for that day.  We do not try to cram 8 passengers into a balloon for 6.  We also do not like to fly our balloons with empty seats. These empty seats will still cause us to incur operating costs, empty seats cause the rates to rise for all of our other patrons.  Therefore we have just a few simple but non negotiable  rules for cancellation.

  • No charges will be made to your credit card until after the flight.  After the flight, you may pay for your flight in any manner you wish.  We only take a credit card number to reserve your seats.

  • If you do not show up for the pre-flight briefing or miss your flight we will charge the credit card we have on file for your flight.  No excuses!

  • We require 48 hours notice to cancel a booking.

  • Cancellations must be done over the phone. 407-421-9322

  • You should see your name removed from our flight calendar within a few minutes.  If you do not see your name removed call us back.

  • Your flight may be canceled by our pilots on the day of the flight for weather or any safety concerns from our pilots.  Their decision is FINAL!  Please do not try to forecast weather!

  • Flight canceled for safety or weather reasons will be rescheduled for the first available dates.

  • You are not required to reschedule if your first flight date is un-flyable.  No charges or fees will be made if the weather forces us to stay on the ground.

  • We will make every effort to move other passengers or provide space for any passenger postponed by inclement weather on the original flight date.

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