Balloon Flights in the Disney World area of Orlando Florida.  Rides Flown Daily at sunrise in Central Florida. Over30 Years Experience!




Passenger Check in.

We REQUIRE ALL passengers to check in the night before their flight.  They must call 407-421-9322 between 5 and 7 pm to check in for the next mornings flight.  We will also reaffirm the driving directions or pick up time at check in. 

Credit Card charges.

We do not make charges to credit card numbers until after the flight.  If you fail to show up for the flight we will use the card on file to pay for the empty seats we flew.



Please keep in mind this is a WEATHER DEPENDANT program.  IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE weather will prohibit a flight.  We suggest that the passengers select a date near the beginning of their stay so we may have alternate dates if the weather is bad on the first date. About Balloon Weather



We have an online calendar where you can see your booking online once we have sent you a confirmation email.  This could take as much as 24 hours but normally just a few minutes.

Click here to view the calendar.


Passengers who for what ever reason must cancel their flight must do so at least 48 hours prior to the flight.  Cancellations must be done over the phone at 407-421-9322.  If their flight has not been cancelled via telephone and they do not show up for their flight we will charge the credit card on file for their flight.


You may click here for our full

Cancellation policy

You are required to agree to the cancellation policy before you can make a booking!



You will not be colder in the balloon.  In fact the coldest you will be is in the launch field before liftoff.  During the flight the temperature will be warmer than it was on the ground from the heat of the (of all things) Hot Air Balloon.


Confirmation Form

Once you have submitted this form you will be taken to a confirmation page.  This page will have all the information you will need.  We suggest you print the confirmation page and save it.  There will be driving directions and other important instructions on this page.  KEEP IT for reference before your flight.


Book your flight here!


A Credit Card is required to make a booking. 

NO CHARGES are made to the card. 

You may pay after the flight in any manner you wish.

Required passenger information**



Reservation name (full name)




What is a good phone number for you?

(Cell phone is best)



Please Choose a flight date. 




How many people in your party.






Will there be any Chasers?


(See Chase Package page for details!)


Do you want an in-flight video?


Will you need a hotel pickup




Where will you be the night before the flight? 




Please let us know the name of the hotel you will be staying in.  (if you do not know leave blank)



What name will the room be under? 





Enter your EMAIL so we can send you a confirmation. required.




How do the passengers want to pay on the day of your flight?


 Please enter a credit card number to hold your seats.






**  I have read and agree to the Cancellation Policy



Note* This is not a private flight.  You may have others onboard with you. 

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